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Jupiter enters Gemini. May 25, 4:14pm PDT


Jupiter enters Gemini 

May 25, 4:14pm PDT 


The last time Jupiter was in Gemini was June 11, 2012 – June 25, 2013.  


Gentlemen and Gentleladies ---start your engines.   Jupiter is entering the fastest, busiest sign in the solar system.    Jupiter who is the biggest planet in the zodiac likes to bring expanse to a sign.  In Gemini we all are super busy.  Our calendars will have more action than the last year while Jupiter was in Taurus.   Book clubs will grow.  Social Media will be awash in more than usual postings and will be in the news.   Will everything out on the world wide web be truthful?  Nope.  But there could be a helluva lot more people with their magnifying glasses out determining what is fake and what is real.     Jupiter in Gemini is also how we learn to adapt.   We learn the value of pivoting on a dime.   We will be doing it a lot of pivots in this Jupiter in Gemini year.    Our intellect will be lit up.   We figure out how to uplift and zhuz our conversation skills.  We look for ways to freshen up stuff, we have little patience for anything boring.   While we will be seeking fresh and new and interesting we need to take care that we are not hideously superficial.     Shallowness can be a problem and we will all need to avoid the gossip.  If we can.   There will also be lots of short trips!   Even for those people who are not inclined to travel they will be figuring out a way to get there, wherever there is.   Much joy can come from Jupiter’s transit in Gemini.  For additional insights, think back to 2012-2013 and consider what came up for you then that speaks to Jupiter in Gemini.   There may be some echoes from that period to this year.   

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