Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Taurus New Moon: May 7, 8:21pm PDT


May 7, 2024

8:21pm PDT 

18 Taurus 02 

I am always excited for a new moon.  By the time we are at the last phase (balsamic)  of the 29 day lunar cycle I am ready for the new opportunities that come with the new moon.   That's my usual feeling.   But I gotta say the Aries lunar month that started with the Great American Eclipse and the 29 days that followed was perhaps too much energy even for me because I started to find myself longing for good, ol' sure and steady Taurus about ten days ago!  

Anyway, the Taurus new moon has a beautiful chart and there are many opportunities this month.    But a lot of it will come when we slow down.   Consider not juggling to the full force like we normally do.  Just sayin'.  You will find my whole report HERE.   Enjoy this Taurus cycle.   :)  

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