Saturday, April 21, 2012

Investing via Astrology

In honor of Taurus new moon I wanted to offer up some astrological investing sights. I am not a financial astrological advisor. But there are plenty of astrologers who do this type of astrology. They know cycles within cycles within cycles of both the planets and the markets.

I often have pointed out Ray Merriman's sight especially when we are getting b'slapped by Pluto. But in general you should take a look. Click on his WEEKLY Preview (left side of screen).

And of course there is Ted's Astro Advisery Services sight. Ted Phillips a smart Capricorn (of course!) knows his cycles and always puts up thoughtful reports.

And the Galactic Investor has a whole bevy of resources.


  1. The tips you have shared on astrology is very clear to understand for great future.

  2. Thank you, Astrology Rings.
    My mercury in capricorn in the 10th thanks you!