Friday, April 20, 2012

Taurus New Moon--Are you ready?

Did you know tomorrow 4/21 is Taurus New Moon?
It starts at 12:20am PDT --3:20am EDT.

Just a few hours away.

I honestly am looking forward to this new cycle. I think we need it. There is a beautiful trine between the Sun/Moon with Pluto and at the same time a beautiful trine with Mars.

I see this as a wondeful opportunity for all of us to move on the good and build upon it. At the same time we can effect change in our life that is valuable. It is curious to me Pluto and Mars are coaxing Taurus Sun/Moon into change because if any of us know Taureans we know they do NOT like change. But this is a different year. There is also a bugaboo with Saturn and I'm sure the stock market will take some wierd hit but still I look forward to the next 28 days to find out what I really think is important and ditch the rest. You cannot find anything valuable until you realize what you value. That is this cycle.

I put up my article which you can find at Margaret Wendt's website.

Here's a snippet go to article for whole piece.

Finding Our Values

Taurus the bull is the first earth sign of the zodiac. At Taurus, the dirt is soft and malleable; with a steady hand we can till the soil and plant seeds easily. By the time we get to the second earth sign, Virgo the soil is harder having been baked by summer sun and when we get to the last earth sign, Capricorn, the soil is hard and frozen. Of the three earth signs, Taurus is lighter and like the soil that they represent more optimistic than his earthen brethren. He has great expectations for what he can accomplish. The question is, “What does he value?”

When we talk about Taurus we talk about real estate, money, banks, cash, love and appreciation. But under all of that is really ‘values’. After all, getting paid for a service speaks to what people value of that service. And being in love or being loved also speaks of value. How much do you value that person or how much are you valued by someone else? Or how much do you even value love? Taurus values loyalty and provides much support to those whom they love. When others get too busy to help out a friend, it is the Taurus who says, “How can I help?” And they mean it. They like providing security for others because they value it so much in their own lives.

Taurus is also highly practical. Not one to chase hair brain ideas, they move very cautiously. They want everything figured out and will only take low risks.
Taurus also values nature and taking care of their body. During Taurus, we don’t move our bodies because we want to enjoy exercising. We don’t move our bodies because we want to burn calories. We move our bodies during Taurus to actually remember we have bodies! During Aries our psyches were full of fire and were racing hard with our goals and desires. And next month during Gemini our brains will be racing a million miles an hour as we process the first air sign. But right now, in Taurus we must take note that we are not fire and we are not air, we are human beings with bodies complete with living cells that need to be properly nurtured. Ah, nurture, another Taurus word.

Earth, nature, nurture, values, bodies, cash, properties are you getting the sense of Taurus? It all speaks to resources. Beautiful, abundant resources but this is where things get confusing with Taurus because their darker side speaks of lack filled with jealousy, envy and greed.

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