Friday, April 6, 2012

Libra Full Moon

Libra Full Moon
April 6
3:18pm EDT

Full Moon Libra

Each year when we receive the beautiful Full Moon in Libra we have an opportunity to find balance from the strum and drang of Aries. During the last two weeks, if we have been using the energy properly, we have been all about us. All about number 1. We were drenched in fire as we focused our desires for the new year. Now, on these three days of full moon our fire is not extinguished but is relaxed as we finally look up and see that person on the other side of the dinner table. “Oh, yes, you are important to me.”

On this year’s Libra full moon, Saturn is coloring everything. He is right on top of the Moon and completely opposite of the Sun. It can be a solitary time for some people but also it can be a weekend of satisfying work. Relationships that work well together will breeze through this full moon. They are confident in the rules that suit each other. Those relationships not as strong will likely see glaring flaws. It may be a cool weekend where we are not passionate and feel removed but it also is nice to know you can retreat but still feel safe that the other person is not going anywhere.

One other note, this is the final Libra Full Moon with Saturn in Libra. We will not have a powerful Saturn on a Libra Moon for at least 14 years when we get the opposition. What you see now or feel now in regards to all your relationships will help you in the next few months. Remember in the fall Saturn will leave Libra and head for Scorpio. So, we have just a few more months to tidy up the things that aren’t working in our relationships or how we ‘relate.’ Consider this a full moon to get practical about relating. Practical about finding your balance. Yes, you may be inclined to do a ‘tit for tat’ but at the end of the day consider this full moon a gift.

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