Friday, April 13, 2012

Mars! Ole' Ole'

Today, April 13 at 11:53 pm EDT Mars will finally turn direct. To that we say, "Ole'"

Back on New Moon I discussed our favorite warrior. I think it is interesting that North Korea's missle yesterday ended up going no where. But let's not tell them Mars was retrograde.Anyway---

Mars on the move
For the last month we have had a lovely trine between Pluto/Mars & Jupiter and during that time Dow Jones reached heights it has not had since before the crash in 2008. The economy has shown signs of improvements. Time will tell how long the improvements last and I have to say I am a bit concerned if the gains will retreat when Jupiter moves out of Taurus and into Gemini this summer. In the meantime Mars who has been traveling backwards for months in Virgo is going to straighten out on April 13 and finally begin his journey out of the sign. As annoying as it has been to have Mars retro in Virgo and believe me I’m a Sag so I can speak of this annoyance personally, I still cannot underscore enough how important it is for all of us to get into great daily habits while Mars is in Virgo. What is your exercise routine? Your diet? Have you been to the doctor for a check up? How is your blood? How are your projects? How is your schedule? Do you do daily work towards your long term goals? Mars will continue to stay in Virgo until July so we have a few more months of opportunity to get our schedules on track. Keep this energy in mind when you build your Treasure Maps. An affirmation for everyone might be, “My daily life reflects my long term goals.”

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  1. And it's Friday the 13th! Alex says he has not seen so many people coming in with disorganized tax records in years.