Sunday, April 29, 2012

The week ahead!

Hey--How has the money talk been for the last week?   Lot of it, right?   Yeah, Taurus is so  up these days.  I can feel it in my bones.   Must be my own south node in Taurus house.

Sun:  (4/29)  We had two energies at play.  One being a nice aspect between the Sun and Pluto.  Did you feel something fall away?  Did you feel a little liberated?  Perhaps you just did something differently and it took less work and was just as successful as if you had devoted more hours or cash.   Whatever it was, enjoy the liberation. 

The other energy is the First Quarter Moon which also happened on Sunday.

April 29 5:57am

Focus on:   What actions can you take now that support your self esteem?  How can you take smart risks that speak to what you value?   What bold, strong actions can you take that build upon your resources?   Where is your ego out of control and how does it reflect low self esteem?   If you fix it now will how will it support your resources? 

Later we will have a Gibbous Moon.  Wednesday May 2, 6:37pm EDT  

Focus on:    What does your diet look like?  Why does it look like that?  What does your calendar look like and how is it in sync or out of sync with your values?  Where are you wasting time?  How is your daily routine in synch with your health?   How can you tighten up your time management to better support your resources?

Thursday we have:
5/3: Mercury/Venus.  Fun, lively conversations.  Perks for love and money.  Values are highlighted and mental breakthroughs about what we ‘really’ value may come up.

And Friday we have got tough aspect with Mercury.  
5/5: A harsh day mentally speaking.  Things feel hard.   Can’t wrap brain around some things or just think in harsh terms.   Nothing ‘fits’ right. 

And also on Friday we have a Full Moon.  Here is a snippet on Full Moon.  More to come later.

Full Moon Phase

May 5 11:35pm EDT

16 Scorpio 01  

Focus on:    How are you balancing the your values with the values of others?   Where do you need a loan?  Where do you need to co-mingle with others?  How can you share your own resources?   What areas need to die so they can be reborn?  What needs to be sacrificed for greater growth ?  What do you need to ditch so you can be invigorated?


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