Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A weird weekend, no?

So, I’m curious about last weekend.   Was it weird?  Was it moody?  Were you down?  Were people off?   Was it just a weird dance? 
And how was sleep?   Rough?  

I ask because yesterday (Monday) morning I received messages from several people asking me about what was going on astrologically?  Because they had a moody weekend and Monday.    And a rough sleep. 

This struck me because I had my own super weird night.   I had one of those spooky oh-my-god-I’m-so-glad-that-was-a-dream Dream.   Weird people, a lost computer (with all my work on it) stressful dream.  I woke up in a cold sweat.   Additionally my husband told me he woke up at midnight convinced it was six am and he had to get ready for work.   Which NEVER happens.    Another friend had dreams about dead relatives and told me her boyfriend called her up and said he dreamt about his dead mother.  And some people just wok up with a hair up their ass.

My gut is going with Pisces Full Moon (19th)  (yes moon had moved into Aries by weekend but it was till the Pisces Full Phase) .   I wrote about it and pointed out that it was pretty much a Pisces Full moon Bam!   Pluto goes direct (20th) Bam!  And Autumal Equiox (22d) Bam!

The tweaked energy may have been a bit more than we could process.   D HI

Heavens knows the story out of Nairobi is so awful.    Sigh.

If you had a weird three days, not just usual weird but unusual stuff or moods around you or your own,  let me know.

I gotta say I felt like the veil was thin.


  1. Definitely yes on the weird but feeling super realistic dreams!

  2. Yep, realistic and tense dreams -- all involving people who are major stress-facilitators, some who have never been in my dreams before. The dreams stayed with me a good while after.

  3. my dreams continue to be crazy as well. who are all those people?

  4. Crazy weekend, weird but necessary confrontations with people in my house but the discussion goes nowhere. Emotions ride high, fear anger and disgust are all in the mix. no sleep, felt like a nightmare. couldn't stop trying to get somewhere better, then failing. It seems like saturn must be involved in this, too.