Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Virgo New Moon, Make the Most of this 28 day cycle

Yep, Syria looks like it is wrapped up in TNT.  Are we the roadrunner or are we the coyote?  I don't know but it is a mess of gigantic proportions.    God only knows how that is going to play out.  And I do have my suspicions that if it does not go kaboom now I wonder about the spring...but we'll save that conversation for another day. 

In the meantime, there is a great opportunity with The Virgo New Moon and 28 day cycle.  This New Moon has some lovely aspects and my feeling is we need to make the most of that energy.  We have got a lot of pressures around us and if we can make something work in our favor during this lunar cycle then I say --go for it.   

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Here is a snippet.

Virgo New Moon


For those of us in the northern hemisphere we are wrapping up a long hot summer.  For those of us in the southern hemisphere we are wrapping up a long cold winter.   In the north we are ready to take a look at the crops and determine the right time to harvest.   In the south we are ready to look at the hard soil and determine the right time to plant seeds.    If you miss the details you can miss the right moment and “details” is the key word for Virgo.


At this point in time I do not need to explain Virgo to you.  You have Virgo friends, you know the drill.   Virgo ties up lose ends, Virgo micro manages the world.   It will tidy up health issues, diet stuff, it will clean out clutter.  Of course the Virgo nerves and insecurities are legendary.  They can rattle.  And when their nerves and brain are in overwhelm they are super critical and everyone runs for the hills to get away from them.    They also have a tendency to be a hypochondriac about their own body or the bodies of loved ones. And Virgo has a hard time believing in God.   But at their core, they do best when they are serving.  It is not that Virgo should be a servant, per se, but they see themselves as serving.  Serving their family, serving a great cause, serving their own creativity, serving their lungs and heart when they exercise.   They frame things as ‘serving’.      And when Virgo absolutely excels is when they are taking care of the details while and this is a big one…while serving a bigger vision.  That is gold. 


Having said that, right now, during these 28 days we must go for the gold.      Not bronze, not silver but gold.   So, get your Virgo hat on.  We have work to do.

This Virgo New Moon the Sun and the Moon in Virgo are in trine with Pluto and sextile with Jupiter.    What a gift!   In fact I would argue it is a great, big, golden gift.  But we need to put these 28 days in context of the bigger astrological cycles.    


Take a breath—we need to go over stuff. 




In spring of 2014 we will be experiencing one hell of an astrological time.  In March and April there will be a grand cross between Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter.


Astrologers are not prone to be in fear since we know that mankind survives even the most hideous of aspects.   But having said that, next spring could be rough.  I would be remiss if I did not mention many astrologers see a war.    Others talk about environmental issues.   And of course many talk about more financial cracks to say the least.     And to all of that I say, “Sure, it is all possible.”     But I don’t want to get bogged down in global “what ifs”, especially during the Virgo New Moon.  We need to focus on the details of your life in the midst of these huge astro cycles.    And in order to do that we need to look backwards.  


In the late summer of 2008 Pluto turned direct and headed out of Sagittarius, a sign he had been in for over fifteen year.   Within a week of turning direct the stock market crashed and we were launched into The Great Recession and by the way, not one astrologer on planet Earth was surprised.     Pluto is just that important.  


How has your life changed since that fall of 2008?  How has it not?     Let’s go through each year and look at what was pushing on all of us and how we handled it.




August 2008:   Pluto turns Direct

November 2008:  Saturn Oppose Uranus, Pluto enters Capricorn


Looking back on that time ask these questions:

How was the cold reality making you work harder than ever?  How did you feel like a victim or martyr?  How did your health feel compromised?  How did you feel like you didn’t have a grip on your numbers? How did you feel like you didn’t have a grip on your schedule?  How did you waste your time? Who were you wasting your time on?   How were your nerves so fray and raw they compelled your choices? 



If the 2013YOU could go back in time and talk to the 2008YOU what would you tell her/him?   Avoid what?  Do what?  Don’t do what?   How did the 2008YOU listening to his or her gut?  How did the you back then ignore your gut?  At what cost?  Don’t blow off that question.

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  1. Terrific Tracy! Of course Virgo will now be dueling with Chiron and Neptune. Will we be doing Chicken Little or a pity's hoping the paranoia doesn't kick in. Carolt

  2. if it isn't paranoia it will be nerves a plenty.

    A very interesting time we're in right now. no?