Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Week Ahead

We start the week with crescent lunar phase.  Watch the information that comes up in the next 3 days.  What are you learning that speaks to your power or empowerment or maybe lack of it?  What are you learning that directs you to cut the waste?  Where are you winning battles but losing the war?

Monday is tense.    Mars the warrior in theatrical Leo is gunning for drama.  Mars wants things his way but he is squaring off with Saturn in cold as ice Scorpio.   What happens when General Patton meets James Bond?   Lot of ego skirmishes.     Get out of the way of power trippers or they will consume you.

Mercury goes into Libra on Monday which at first blush seems "light and Libra breezy" Yeah..No.  As soon as Mercury makes his move he is beginning his bitch session with Pluto and then later Uranus.  Communication will be tense as some seek superficial, let's-play-nice attitude while others see the value of going deep on something and overhauling it.   Or if you prefer, "la-dee-da" versus deep psychological maneuvers.   Brains will hurt as people lose it.     All challenging for sure.

Crescent Moon Phase
September 9, 2013
12:43a EDT  

Focus on:
As we focus on what works and what does not work we get information that speaks about the places where we co-mingle.   Loans, taxes, investments.   Sex.  Along with Jealousy. Betrayal.  Death and rebirth.   How do all these issues need to be tidied up?    

Special Focus:

9/9: Mercury enters Libra
9/9: Mars/Saturn:  We feel we are between a rock and a hard place and looking for dynamite.   Tense and frustrating.
9/11: Venus enters Scorpio

First Quarter Moon
September 12
1:08pm EDT   

Focus on:

What actions can we take that expand our knowledge?  What actions can we take that push us to cross bridges?  How do people, places, things that are “foreign” help us tidy up? 

Special focus
9/13: Venus/Neptune:  Dreams and love meet up.  Intuition is high. Creativity too.
9/14: Mercury/Pluto: Death and mental rebirth.
9/14: Mars/Uranus.  Brilliant actions.  Breakthroughs and new actions.  

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