Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pisces Full Moon - September 19

Pisces Full Moon
September 19, 2013
7:12a EDT
26 Pisces 40

The Full moons are in many ways the antidotes to the New Moons. 

The New Moon is when we activate and rally our energies through the filter of the sign.  By full moon we are at the halfway point of the 28-day cycle.  We are at the highest point of the roller coaster just as it begins the drop down and let gravity take over.   

All Full Moons are desperately needed when they hit.  We feel the inspired lightness of Gemini Full Moon during fiery Sag cycle and we need the grounded Capricorn Full Moon when watery Cancer is spreading all over us.   But arguably, at least in my opinion, Pisces Full Moon is the needed by us the most because Virgo, the queen of details, facts and things that are exact can be so wound up by the time the full moon arrives, that we need to remember that at the end of the day, we simply are not in charge.    We can button up, and cross t’s and dot I’s all we want but there is this thing greater than us that calls the ultimate shot.   Karma, Darma,  God, Spirit and even if you are a huge disbeliever—Random Chance ---are all in effect and under the domain of Pisces.   Thankfully so is prayer, meditation, art and music.   And yeah booze and drugs.

On this Pisces Full Moon the Sun will have a bit of challenge with Mars and Venus in Scorpio.   Actions that are deep or covert will be challenged by nervousness.  When digging in and doing something important do we have the strength to keep our mouth quiet even when awash in nerves?  Do we have the ability to go in and find a deep reserve and not talk something to death or worse yet, THINK something to death?  Do we have the ability to release and let go without reaching for the Xanax?

We have already discussed the cardinal energy crosses that are bearing down on us and god knows this week it is pronounced. Ask the Naval Yard in Washington DC.      We also are processing stationary Pluto who once a year turns directs and will be doing so on the 20th.  Remember, when Pluto turns direct and the days and weeks that follow we can get an energy boost that says, “Okay, let’s get this show on the road.”   Stagnate energy can be replaced with movement.   Is it confidence?  Maybe.  But more likely it is just ‘enough is enough.’ Watch and see what comes up in the next few days that energize areas that have been stuck.     

And of course we have the Autumnal equinox on the 22nd.  I personally love the big woo woo days that is spring & fall equinoxes and summer & winter solstices.  For thousands of years our ancestors in ancient Europe, Asia, America and Africa got their party on during these events.  They approached these days as a big download where they could speak to the god(s) about crops, planting, harvesting, long sunny days or preparing for long winters.  Now with our 21st century lifestyles of  electric light bulbs and Whole Foods we’re not as worried about the god downloads.  But remember somewhere in your DNA is thousands of ancient grandmas rattling the cages.   Perhaps we will receive something interesting from spirit during the equinox. See what comes up around the 22nd that might surprise you and thank that long dead grandma.    And by the way, Happy Birthday Libras.  A little extra hug for our friends born between September 29 and October 2 who feel like they are in cross hairs. 

One other thing going on the Full Moon and a special thanks to Stephanie Austin for pointing out Caylin Castell’s website.       Cayelin & Stephanie took note that the connection between Venus & Saturn & North Node in Scorpio are a rare event.  The last two conjunctions were in 1956 and 1454.   I was not here for either and given the next one is in 2161 I won’t be around for that one as well.     However, having said that, I was born with a North Node in Scorpio and I can speak to the power of shedding.  I can also speak to Saturn conjunct north node and tell you it is first and foremost---immaculate timing.     If you have the guts, put on your There-Are-No-Accidents- suit and live your life as fully as possible without going for the I’m-always-a- victim or I’m-always-scared hat.  That hat does NOT go with that suit.  Anyway,  we’ve been in this cycle for the last couple of weeks. Which I mentioned in the new moon report.  But you might enjoy  RubySlipper who has written up a pithy piece all about this energy. 

In he meantime, have a beautiful Harvest Full Moon and consider: What is it that you are harvesting?  Joy, abundance, fun or resentments, gripes, victim hood?   And if you don’t like your harvest then go back and get your Virgo on, shift your approach and fix shit. 

Happy Full Moon.