Monday, September 16, 2013

Birmingham Bombing 50 years later

I'm a day late on this posting.
Many people remember MLK's "I have a Dream Speech" but what people forget is that a month later four little girls died in a racially motivated crime (these guys were the right of the KKK).   These girls were not leading a crusade. They were going to Sunday School.  
Historians look back on the event and describe it arguably as a galvanizing event that moved the civil rights movement in a new trajectory.  Primarily white America got off their white butts and got involved.    Of course it was an extraordinary year, two months later JFK would be dead.  

Look at the Moon in Leo elevated at the top of the MC.   Innocent children connects up along with family when it comes to the moon.  Who could not ask, "What if that was my kid?"

It was a loaded 10th house which is the public house, Uranus (disruption) Pluto (power) Sun, Mercury and Venus all in humble Virgo.   Mars and Saturn Square, no shit.

Condoleeza Rice was friends with one of the little girls and lived about two miles from the sight. She was 11 when it happened and felt the floor shake when the bomb went off.  

More info:

American racial urbane violence, the bombing of a church in Birmingham, Alabama. Four African-American girls, Carol McNair, age 11, Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley, all 14, died in a dressing room in the church basement when the bomb detonated. The bomb, apparently hidden under the church steps the night before, blew the face of Jesus out of a stained glass window. The bodies of the girls, dressed in white for an annual youth service, were found beneath the rubble. The Birmingham bombing holds a special place in civil rights history because of the randomness of its violence, the sacredness of its target and the innocence of its victims.

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