Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Week

We start the week off with Gibbous Moon (in the evening).  This traditionally is not my favorite part of the Virgo lunar  calendar.  I just find people are so picky.  See if you have a feeling like you are being viscerated.  I don't  want it to be so, just curious if you notice it.  

We have a variety of aspects this week some a little annoying, some positive.

We end the week with the Pisces Full Moon.   Our spirituality gets tuned up and I will post a separate Full Moon post in a few days.  

And of course on September 20 Pluto turns direct. I wrote about it back on New Moon.

In terms of this month on September 20, Pluto will turn direct having been retrograde since April.  This is all part of the bigger picture we have already discussed.  Pluto is churning up the status quo.  He is not content with business as usual.  He digs deep finds the flaw and then exposes it.   Pluto spends half of every year in retrograde motion.  Like a miner with a helmet and ax he goes back over the old tunnels to see if something valuable has been over looked.   In particular our power.    What is the death that needs to occur and where do we need the rebirth?
What is outdated?  What is obsolete?  Why are we hanging on to it?   Seriously, what needs to be released and eliminated?   Attitudes, fears, beliefs, style, approaches, our relationships with people?

Gibbous Moon
September 15 9:59p EDT
Focus on:
 The focus in on our friends and our flock.  How can you fly higher if your flock is low? How have you neglected that feeling of being with like minding people who are inspired on the same way as you are inspired?   

Special Focus:

9/16: Sun/Saturn: Responsibilities are great. Burdens are heavy but results can be worth it.
9/16:  Mercury/Uranus.  Over compromising can cost.  Over rebelliousness can also cross.  Where is the place in between? 
9/17: Mercury/Mars: Sparks, energetic thoughts and actions that stir things up in a welcomed way. 
9/18: Venus/Saturn:  Values, Money, Love feel chilly.  Delays but not denial.
9/18: Venus/Pluto: Love of Power.  Powerful love. 

Full Moon Phase

September 19
7:12 am EDT
26 Pisces 41
Focus on:  
How do we need to tidy up our spirituality?  How do we tidy up our religion?  How do we tidy up our place in the big universe?  Are we just this little dot that is bounced around by wind?  No connection to anything bigger?  Or are we connected to a grand plan?  
Special focus:
9/19: Mercury/Jupiter: Big opinions, big mouths, Big rhetoric is all problematic

9/20:  (11:28am EDT) Pluto turns direct  8 Cap 59  (see above) 

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