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Aries New Moon -- April 7th.... What Changes will you be making?

Aries New Moon.  I have gotten my New Moon report up earlier than usual because I'm trying to transform my habits.  And skidding in last minute is tiring.   Here is the FULL REPORT.

This is going to be a potent new moon. To say the least.   I am hoping all of you will make Treasure Maps.    I think the focus will do everyone a world of good for this upcoming year.   We got lots going on and your Map will help guide you.

Here's a snippet of report but go to link for the whole megillah.

Aries New Moon
April 7, 2016
7:28am EDT
18 Aries 04

Aries is just that special …

And here we are at the mother of all new moons.  It is Aries new moon and I don’t hide the fact that I put it above all other new moons.  I’m bad about it.  I’m like one of those hideous moms who favor one child over the rest of her kids.  Yeah, I send other new moons to the park but I send Aries new moon to Disneyland!    New moons in Virgo, Sag, Cancer, they just aren’t Aries.  ..…honestly, in any given year many new moon charts can be exciting, dynamic or challenging  but on its core astro energy level nothing comes close to the impact of Aries new moon in my book.   

Aries is about renewal, winter is over or in the southern hemisphere summer has completed in either case we look forward to spring and to fall.   Aries reminds us that we are individuals.  We are put on this earth for a purpose.   So many of us identify through our families, our histories, our work, our communities which is all fine—But what about the “I”?   Meaning, “Who am I?”  “What do I want”  “Where do I want to go next?”   Yes, this is the me, me, me moon.  But don’t get confused, this is not the selfie moon.  Nope we need to go deeper than those photos we put up on FB.   We need to be the little seed planted in the ground that breaks through its skin and pierces the hard soil in order to grow out into the world.  This is Aries.   Aries energy is potent and of course it is the lunar cycle that launches our whole lunar year.  It sets the tone for the next twelve months.    Yeah, it deserves a trip to Disneyland. 

Treasure Maps
Twenty years ago this April, I was studying with Buz Myers via audio tapes.   I got his lunar reports every month. 

And in Spring of 1996  Buz recorded his Aries New Moon and shipped them out.  When I heard it I knew I had to do what he suggested.   In that report he sent all of us on a mission.  He encouraged his clients to make Treasure Maps.   Basically a Treasure Map is a collage of images, sentences, may be words that strike at our core.   Things that we want to accomplish in the new year.   Remember the new (lunar) year begins with Aries so it is in March or April—Not January.     Anyway I gathered two of my friends (one of them Margaret who turned me on to Buz) and we made our maps.    One thing Buz said was that if you make your map on Aries New Moon you should expect to see results by Cancer New Moon which is in June/July.   And he was right. 

I won’t go into all the details but I will tell you I put up an image of a man who I think was modeling shoes or clothes (maybe Ralph Loren ad?)  and he was on a yacht.   In May I met the man who became my husband and yes, he sails!  He learned when he was a boy.  Wow.    I still don’t know why I put that ad up, it just hit me.    Since that time I have been making Treasure Maps every year.  My friends IRL make them and my friends in cyberland make them and the results are sometimes breathtaking.   And let me be clear it is not always about ‘things”.  It can be about creativity. It can be about breakthroughs in emotions. It can be confidence and yes, it can be weight loss, physical improvement, a new home, a different school, a new job…what ever speaks to you. 

For the record this is a VERY potent Aries New Moon and cycle.  Not a little boy Aries New Moon, it is Big Boy, I mean this is a full on frontal attack of shaking things up for 29 days in this Aries cycle.   Seriously, I encourage all of you to make your own Treasure Map this year.  If you want to learn more about them you can go here…
But let me remind you, do NOT make your map before April 7 (new moon).  You must wait until the Aries lunar cycle has launched.    And always, “Thank you, Buz”  wherever you are in the great beyond for the gift of Treasure Maps.   

And what about this Aries Cycle?

What’s not going on is probably a shorter answer.    

First of all let’s talk about the obvious.   Uranus the planet of change, revolution, breakouts and breakthroughs and it is right next to the Sun & the Moon on this chart this year.     On April 9 the Sun will make its annual conjunction with Uranus.  This usually brings  a lot of sparks and this time those sparks are all over the New Moon chart.  Since we know that the Aries lunar cycle not only taps into the trends of the month but also speaks to the year—Uranus will be pushing on all of us to make changes.  Don’t be surprised by what you end up putting on your map.   That is just Uranus talking to you.   The truth is, there is stuff that is bugging the hell out of us now and we know we have got to change it.  I am not prone to hyperbole but I gotta say I think the landscape that we are all living in right now will not be the same a year from now and definitely not two years from now.  I don’t mean we are all moving because a tsunami is hitting the atlantic seaboard but I will say there are shifts ahead of us and you know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already feel.  You know there are changes you need and want to make and here is the deal---you are probably ready to make those changes now more than ever.   During this 29 day cycle look and see what comes up out of the blue.  How does it impact you?  How can it be incorporated into the changes you desire?    Uranus speaks to those changes.  And so does Pluto.. …

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