Monday, March 7, 2016

Pisces New Moon: Karma and Elevation

New Moon 
March 8, 2016
8:54pm EST 

Pisces New Moon & Eclipse.

You will find the whole PISCES NEW MOON REPORT -HERE.  

Pisces New Moon

Welcome to Pisces New Moon and solar eclipse.    The last time we had a Pisces solar eclipse was March 8, 1997 and the time before that was February 26, 1979.  You might want to consider what was going on in your life at those times.   Also, this eclipse is a call back to last fall specifically the September 12 Virgo eclipse.   All eclipses have a teeter – totter effect.   We are here today responding to last fall’s eclipse.   What have you experienced and dealt with since then?  What did you ignore back then and now it is coming home to roost?    If you know your chart then look to the houses that have 20 degrees Virgo and 19 degrees Pisces.    Both are impacted. 

I spend a lot of time talking to my teenage son about perspective.  When he is riled up about something (as teens will do) I often stop the riled up-ness and say, “Okay that is the one foot perspective.   Let’s get some altitude and look at this from five hundred feet above.”   Just that simple act of looking at a situation with a bigger lens shifts every thing.  And it is my opinion that we will probably all need to put our emotions on a drone and head up for the next twenty-nine days.     Yes, a lot of you probably already take that famous breath before you reply with a snarky comment to something that ruffles your feathers.    But what do you do about the other emotions?  Especially the emotions that live in Piscesland like when you feel crazy, depressed, lost, alone, fatigued in your soul and overwhelmed? 

Do you use any of the UNPROCESSED coping mechanisms of Pisces?  Such as booze, pills, pot?  Or are your negative and a non-stop complainer?   How about martyrdom?  How about lying?  Or hiding?  Or being in denial?   Or simply just wishing something away?
As much as we all wish we could click our heels like Dorothy and go back home, there are some months where we have to slog through the yucky energies not because we need to be beaten up but more so we can FIX the mess.       Go to LINK for full article 

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