Friday, March 11, 2016

Astro Week

This week begins with the weekend and on Saturday afternoon (EST) we move out of new moon and into crescent.    I don’t know if it is because of Chiron or maybe it was the eclipse but my goodness this felt like a long new moon!    
My humanitarian side was pronounced.  Great.  My potty mouth was extra potty…not so great. 
I look forward to a nice Taurus Crescent.   
I like the idea of getting practical and learning something about being sure and steady.

Crescent Moon Phase
March 12 2016
2:18pm EST

Focus on: What are learning about how to build things up from the ground?  What are you learning about being sure and steady?  What are you learning about patience?  What are you learning about money?  What are you learning about properties or things you own?   What are you learning about quality?

Special Focus:
3/13: Daylight Savings Time begins.
3/13: Venus semisquare Pluto.  Values seem at odds with power.  Faith and love versus status and recognition.
3/14: Mercury sq Saturn.  Rigid thinking.  Righteous talk.  Religion Versus faith.
3/14: Venus Sq Mars.  Women and Men sparring.   Love and Action at war.   Humanitarian Versus Bigotry. 
3/15: Venus semisq Uranus:  Warrior versus gentle.  Explosion and rebellion versus love. 

First Quarter Moon
March 15, 2016
1:02pm EST

Focus on:  What actions can you take that speak to your thinking?  What are the thoughts that you have and how does it impact what you do?  How does your communication impact your actions?   Where is your inspiration and faith and how do your thoughts support or deny it?  

Special focus
 3/16: Jupiter trine Pluto.   Rebirth of enthusiasm.  Bold resurrection.   Giving birth to get big.   Philosophies evolve.

Gibbous Moon
March 19, 2016
7:05am EDT


Focus on:
How did you almost forget your creativity? How did you almost forget the empowerment of being bold?  How did you forgot the power of loyalty, drama and bravery?     How does it serve your faith to incorporate being a star? 

Special Focus:

3/19 : Sun enters Aries

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