Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Libra Full Moon Eclipse: March 23

Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

March 23, 2016 
8:00am EDT

This Full Moon Lunar eclipse is a call back to last year’s lunar eclipse on September 27.  That eclipse took place at 5 degrees Aries/Libra and this eclipse takes place at 4 Aries/Libra.    So, we are right in that zone again. 

What has gone on with your relationship(s) since last September?   This is the call back eclipse full moon and you would be wise to do the work on this full moon if you didn’t take care of stuff back in September that needed to be addressed last fall.   For the record the next eclipses will not be taking place in Libra and Aries.   The rest of 2016, the accent will be on Leo/Aquarius and Pisces/Virgo.  It will be about nine years before we are here again with Libra/Aries.  Think now would be a good time to work on your relationships?    I hope you are nodding your head yes.    

  The Aries –Libra energy is a ping pong between “Self & Others.”    Who are you?  And how do you relate with others?  And of course how do you relate with your partner? Both personal and business partners by the way.       But remember relating with your partner does not mean you give up you in order to be with someone.    Don’t go to Hallmark Card shop and look  for the card that says, “I love you so much that I am willing to take scraps” 

Ah, no.   

Instead the eclipses on Aries/Libra is asking us to look in the mirror and say, ‘This is who I am and this is what I deserve.”   Then step up your authenticity and look at your relationship and measure how close or how far is it from the mark?

Mercury is in conjunction with Sun and oppose Moon so now would be a great time to have an authentic conversation.   Are you in sync?  Are you not in sync?   Is the partnership in need of work?  Or perhaps it is beyond that point.    Or perhaps it is working great and you both need to look forward about the next step you want to do as partners.  

Mars in Sag trine to Sun and sextile Moon in Libra brings another level of truth to the eclipse along with a sense of adventure.   Looking off in the distance what do you want to accomplish?    

Watch what comes up on this Full Moon Eclipse.    You may be asked to be of support to others who perhaps don’t have anyone in their life right now that they can rely upon.  Okay.  Or maybe you will take the Aries and run with it and enjoy some independent time.      For many of us in America a lot of our kids are on school break and finding independence could be challenging but still, see if you can get a friend to watch your kids while you go do something for you.  And then you turn around and offer the same to your friend so they can get a break.   I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine is on some level perfect for this eclipse. 

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