Monday, August 15, 2016

Aquarius Full Moon August 18

Full Moon Phase
August 18, 2016
5:26am EDT
25 Aquarius 51

The Aquarius Full Moon is when we look up from all that we have been doing in our world and see if there is anyone else out there.   Hunched over our life like a CPA at tax time, we stretch our backs and look around and notice other people during the Aquarius full moon.  

We go from personal to impersonal.  From self to others.    But it is not just enough to see others we are compelled to get up and connect with others.     Aquarius is the water bearer or water carrier.   For thousands of years humans retrieved water from a well or stream or perhaps fountain.    They would walk, often a long distance then dip their jars  into the well and return back to their homes.   Water is critical to life.   Try to not eat for a week and you’ll survive.   Try to not drink water for a week and you will be in a world of hurt.   Water is important but with Aquarius there is something more than water going on.  The actual trip to the watering hole was a source of community.   Conversations took place.  People heard what others were up to and then when they went home they shared the information.    The water bearer was in the know. 

 During Aquarius full moon we look around and see who is in the know.    And more to the point we look around and see who is our community.  We ask, “Which person or people am I in sync?  We find the value in being with like-minded groups.  This is where we can find creative genius by speaking with other like minded.  This is where we find our tribe.   And remember in this case with Aquarius full moon, tribe is not family.     

This Aquarius full phase the moon is sextile Uranus (along with Sun trine Uranus) which puts the accent on breaking out, taking risks, reaching out to someone new.  Novelty and unusual will catch our attention.    The Moon is also inconjunct Mercury & Jupiter suggesting that big opinions and barbed communication may be missing the real point.   Don’t get caught in the weeds this full moon with myopic rhetoric.  Instead seek others that enlighten you or seek to express your thoughts and inspire and enlighten others.    Leo,  the other half of the Aquarius  full moon is about being personal.  Does your group support you personally?  Are they in sync?  Do they help you widen your world or enrich it?   Or are they just big mouths, spewing what you already know putting you in a giant echo chamber?  To that we say, “blech.”  Nothing about Uranus in that scenario.    And by all means let's all avoid the belligerent hot head bullies!   Some of those will get our attention on this full moon.   For sure.  

Take these three days to find some tribe members then process how you connect with them.  Be inspired.   Be creative. Be genius.  Come out of it with a new found energy that propels you forward. 

And sure you can just have a great cup of coffee with a friend and feel a little lift off.   But remember--- no rhetoric! 

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