Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mercury Retrograde Ahead!

Mercury Retrograde

It is interesting that our brains have to go backwards for three weeks while we process the eclipses in September and the Saturn/Neptune final square.   Well, that’s not exactly true our brains stay where they are but our thoughts will slow down.  Perhaps we are not supposed to get too far out there with grand ideas.   Instead our brains and thoughts have to be measured as we look at our daily life and make sure we are taking care of ourselves.    

For nearly a year we have been processing what is bluster and righteous from what is real?   What is deceit from what is a higher love?   And everyone has been tested to WALK their TALK.  If we aren’t doing it we’re getting called on it.  If others aren’t doing it we are calling them on it.  Some are jettisoning people from their lives because they don’t do what they say.  And visa versa, others are ditching us because we aren’t doing what we say.   This last battle over truth between Saturn and Neptune will have the benefit of Mercury retrograde.  It is as if the universe is saying to us, “I’m going to talk real slow so you really understand me”

The Mercury dates are as follows:
Mercury enters shadow August 10
Mercury station retrograde August 30 at 29 Virgo
Mercury station direct September 21 at 15 Virgo
Mercury exits shadow October 6

If you remember the mercury retrograde of June and thought it was a pain in the ass then prepare for pain in the ass part two.   I will say that the mental mess up that is Mercury retrogrades in mutable signs is tempered a bit when it is in Gemini and Virgo since Mercury rules both signs. But at the end of the day there is no getting away from it that our brains may feel like they are bouncing beach balls on a mac book.   Frozen at one moment and then revved up so much it feels like the synapses are feeding off Red Bull.  

Our calendars may be a bit insane and I don’t use that word figuratively.   There may be very little air in your schedule.   Getting grounded could be difficult.  Take off your shoes, feel your feet in the grass.   Get a hair cut.  Get groomed.   Get new vitamins.   Be aware of your body.    Yoga will really help.     By the time we get to September 23 some of us will feel like we are on another planet and we will all be relieved.   And as always, double- check every email you send.   Do not hit REPLY ALL unless you mean it.  Watch your banking transactions and other things you do daily.   Do NOT buy a new computer or phone or anything big.   Unless you are forced.  Double check all your vacation plans.    Make sure you print the right stuff. 

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