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Hillary Clinton Astrologically going forward

Hillary is a Scorpio with Moon in Pisces.   When it comes to her ascendant we are a bit soft on it.   There are several birth times associated with HRC.  I am guessing the birth certificate from Illinois does not list the time and no one found a hospital record.  I say that because at this stage of the game in Hillary's very public time line,  astrologers would have gotten the correct time if it was logged some where including the late great Lois Rodden who I might add, I miss very much.  Sigh.  But it does appear that that the time of 8:02am comes up several times and in the Chicago Sun Times in 1992 her mother said that Hillary was born in time for breakfast.   So, I will go ahead and go for 8:02am.   With that time her ascendant turns out to be Scorpio.  So, she is a double Scorpio with Moon in Pisces.
Anyone with just the basic knowledge of astrology would say, "Oh, yes, Hillary is a Scorpio for sure."    Strong as steel, focused, sharp perhaps a wee bit scary.  Powerful or power hungry. Controlling.  Fiercely private or deadly secretive.  Yep, double Scorpio could be accurate.  The Moon in Pisces can be super sensitive and highly intuitive and very reflective.  But at times Moon in Pisces can get caught up in the weeds with real and perceived fears and enemies. And wishy washyness.

Hillary's chart is loaded with a lot of details and like Donald Trump's to avoid getting overwhelmed,  I will not go into all the data.  But what is worth mentioning is the "bucket" placement of her planets.  As you can see most of the planets are grouped together and off on the other side is the Moon.  All the focus is on the Moon as it is the handle to the "bucket." The Moon is her raison d'etre  and with a Moon in Pisces there is a deep connection to humanity and suffering. Not just suffering of others but also internal suffering.  In short the pain keeps HRC moving.

Had she not taken the path she took, she could have been a good therapist but with Mars, Pluto and Saturn stellium in Leo she would also make an ideal general so perhaps politics is a marriage of both energies.   Mars, Pluto & Saturn (wide conjunction) in Leo are executive power on steroids and can drive self and others to exhaustion.  Loyalty is highly valued and pity anyone who dares to betray HRC.  

Chiron on Venus speaks to the tremendous pain that comes with love relationships.  There is a self inflicted wounding with matters of love.  It is karmic.  Knowing as we all do the history of Bill Clinton which on a nice day we can say is complicated this aspect makes sense.  And if the birth timing is accurate and Venus/Chiron are indeed in the 12th then there is more pain than we could ever guess.  HRC value at times feels lost not just with loved ones but feeling undervalued in general and a deep feeling of isolation can permeate her soul.  

Also the 8:02am birth time gives her Mercury on the Ascendant.   This is probably one of the more troubling aspects to HRC chart and one that gives her more problems than she will admit.  Her Mercury in Scorpio is prone to secrets and paranoid thinking and the square to Saturn in Leo speaks to righteous indignation and holding on to a story even if does not line up with facts.   Legal speak satisfies her Saturn in Leo who is holding on to ego and parsing her words is satisfying to Mercury in Scorpio who does not want to be vulnerable.  To her fans this is 'politics as usual' to others who are neither pro or anti Hillary it is uncomfortable to watch.  And to anti HRC it is only seen as wall to wall lying.  

Treating HRC like she is a friend who asked me to look at her chart, I will point out the transiting aspects coming up and give notes.

June - October (exact July 17 & September 9) :  Saturn square Moon. Lonely period. Feeling isolated.  Work comes first.  Character flaws and cracks in confidence can be exposed.  Working though it.   Confidence starts out weak but building up bit by bit confidence can improve.  

August: Mars conjunct Jupiter.  Big opinions.  Energized on personal philosophies and beli.  Actions based on opinions.  Actions to build bridges.
August: Mars square MC (*)  Feeling at war.  Argumentative in public.
August: Jupiter square Uranus.  Wanting to go rogue.  Wanting freedom.  8th house secrets (*) feel exposed.
August: Mars square Moon.  Fighting, argumentative, rough righteous energy.  Emotions are in turmoil.  Warrior looks sloppy.
August:  Mars sextile Neptune.   Energy and actions that line up with faith and spirit.  Groups and associates, 11th house(*) move on behalf of HRC.
August: Mars trine Mars.   Energy and actions are in sync with warrior goals.
August: Mars trine Pluto.  Actions and energy bring about a rebirth.  Philosophies and goals are in sync. Direct purpose is sharp and galvanized.  Warrior effects change.

September  - January  Neptune conjunct Moon:  Feeling connected to humanity, feeling lost, feeling a part of a wave.   Overwhelming feelings.  Staying grounded and connected to reality is challenging.  Turn to others for reality check.

September & October.  Pluto trine Venus:  Evolution of values.  Empowerment through love.  Psychology of love and value.  Influx of appreciation that creates evolution.

September:  Jupiter sextile Jupiter:  Outside sources build bridges.  Travel is beneficial.   Stretching feels in sync with big goals.
September:  Jupiter moves into 11th house (*).  Boost of groups and association.  Feeling connected to like minded thinkers.

September - October: Mars into 2nd house (*).  Boost of money, wanting to feel connected to creature comforts.  Accent on material resources.
September.   Mars trine saturn.  Actions and hard work are solid.  Sticking to routine and discipline presents strong results.
September:  Mars oppose Uranus.  Desire to break free from restrictions.  Restless.  Impulsiveness. Sudden changes may pop up.

October:  Mars sextile Sun.  A boost.  Energy is up.  Boost to self esteem.  Energy and goals feel in sync.
October - November:  Uranus trine Saturn.  Changes that bring about new stability.  Changes that bring new structures.  Very productive time.

October - November.  Saturn trine Mars.  Feeling a sense of accomplishment.  Actions take each task with gusto.  Powerful concentration skills.    Getting the job done.
October:  Mars trine MC (*).  Public life is energized.  Warrior is in the house.
October: Mars sextile Moon.   Actions and emotions are in sync.  Stimulus from outside that inspire inside.
October: Mars square Neptune.  Confused actions.  Spirituality feels in conflict with outside energies.  Actions needed don't line up with faith.
October - November.  Saturn trine Pluto.  Results bring transformation.  Important transition.  Empowerment comes with new you.   Letting go of the stuff that no longer serves.

October: Mars sextile Venus.  Feeling loved.  Actions based on values.

October:  Saturn sextile Neptune.  Faith and spirit are being structured. Practicality and faith. Idealism is put to real work.
October - December Mars in 3rd house (*)  Highly informative time.  Mentally very active.   Can have sharp tongue.  Very dexterous.  A light on the feet time.
October:  Mars sextile Mercury.    Communication is short and to the point.  Effective communication.   Strong will communicator.
October:  Mars sextile Asc (*)  Vitality is high.   Energy is strong.   Strength and warrior is out there.

November:  Jupiter sextile Mars.  Optimism high. Enthusiasm and vitality in sync and actions are broad and galvanizing.
November:  Mars sextile Jupiter:   Optimism high.   Enthusiasm is broad and feels vital.
November:  Mars square Sun.  Argumentative.   Fighting.  Desire to reach goals brings out the warrior.  Impatience.
November - December Saturn trine Saturn.  Feeling accomplished.  Working out details and plans.  Introspective period.   Life purpose and new direction are satisfying.  Duty feels in sync with goals.

(*) House and angles of charts are determined by birth time.   These dates line up with 8:02am birthtime.

These aspects especially the Saturn trine to Saturn in November - December.  And  the Saturn trine Pluto that are in effect all fall are very supportive to a win for HRC.   However,  the Saturn square her Moon brings a harsh lesson.  The first hit  of the aspect was back in December when Bernie  Sanders was hitting her hard.   The second round was on July 17 about a week before DNC and the email hack and Debbie Wasserman Schultz resignation.  Both line up with the cold wave of Saturn on Moon.   The final wave of Saturn on her Moon is September 9 so expect some type of cold wave.   Once September concludes more of her strength will be revealed and how she handles the aspects will decide a lot.

It is worth looking at her official nominee chart.  Hillary the person gets all the above aspects.  How Hillary the candidate is perceived is a different chart.

The official nomination chart is based on her acceptance as the democratic nominee on Thursday evening in Philadelphia.  This is the chart people see when they look at her as the nominee.  It is very noteworthy that the nominee chart ended up with Aries rising.  Given both she and Donald Trump had their conventions in Eastern Time Zone and both would accept it during PrimeTime, DJT's nomination chart has Pisces rising and Neptune in the 1st house.  Hillary delayed saying, "I accept the nomination" quite some time in her speech and the delay pushed her chart further into Aries.   Her nomination chart has Uranus in the first house which can speak to the revolutionary aspect of being the first woman.  It also could bring some chaos which seems odd given Hillary the person with double Scorpio is not prone to chaos.   The Moon in Gemini in the 2nd oppose Saturn in Sag in the 9th and both square Neptune in Pisces in the 12th may speak to more email scandals.    Mars the ruler of the chart in Scorpio in the 8th house is warrior with tremendous deft and skills.  

Let's watch this space.  

Donald J Trump Going Forward 

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