Monday, August 15, 2016

This Astrology Week

This Week

For some of us summer is ending this week as we send our kids off to school.  For others you are still enjoying the warm slow days of Leo lunar cycle’s final summer days.    In either situation this week starts off with us finding our executive abilities.   Gibbous moon is focused on responsibilities.   Connected to the Leo energy means taking pride in our talents and skills.   Have you forgotten both?

On the 18th Aquarius Full Moon shines upon us reminding us the value in finding  and engaging like -minded people.   

Gibbous Moon
August 14
2:10pm EDT

Focus on:
What are you learning about your executive abilities?  How have you been neglecting your leadership?  How have you been neglecting your practicality?  How have you been forgetting important responsibilities?   How have you been forgetting your ability to set up others to do their best?

Special Focus:
8/16: Sun trine Uranus.  Creativity gets a spark from out of the blue.  Brilliance is out for all to see and enjoy.
8/17:  Venus trine Pluto.   Love feels transformed.  Love feels a shedding.    Power emboldens the heart.  The heart enflames empowerment.

Full Moon Phase
August 18, 2016
5:26am EDT
25 Aquarius 51

Focus on:   See separate post.

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