Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Saturn Direct August 13

Saturn Direct

Saturn Dates:
March 25 Saturn retrograde 16 Sag 24
August 13 Saturn direct 9 Sag 46
April 7 2017 Saturn retrograde 27 Sag 47
August 25, 2017 Saturn direct 21 Sag 11
December 21, 2017 Saturn enters Capricorn

We have about another year and half of Saturn in Sag.   God help us.   I’m personally fatigued by the rhetoric and noisy jingoism.   But that is why Spirit in his infinite wisdom gives us two and half years to get  Saturn right in a sign.  It is just so yucky when we are getting it right in a righteous sign like Sag.  Sigh.

But more to the point, Saturn has been retrograde since the end of March and those people with planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces between 9 and 17 degrees have really been feeling stressed and burdened.    The responsibilities have been great primarily because we are doing the “right thing”.     
I know I have two planets in the zone and Saturn has been all over my calendar, savings account, emails, phone calls…I could go on but won’t.   

Anyway, for the rest of you, remember the goal with Saturn in Sag is not to get blustery or righteous but instead tell the truth and as we have already discussed, WALK it.   What are your beliefs?   Do you think the world is a shitty place?  How is that belief working out for you?  Do you think you are unloved?  How is that working out?  Do you think you haven’t the time, strength, energy to do  __________ .   What is that thing in the black line?  Something important.   I don’t mean important like being the first person to fly to Mars. I mean important to your heart.  Important to you.    
Here’s a secret, the more you work on doing something important for you the more likely you will be living a life with enriching beliefs.  Isn’t it time?  What have you learned since March?   Now can you apply it until the next Saturn retrograde in Spring?  I’ll make you a deal. I’ll try if you will.  Let Leo help you get brave about what you want to really accomplish between now and December 2017 when Saturn leaves Sag. 

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