Sunday, August 7, 2016

This Week in Astrology

Astro this Week

In a nutshell: Our week begins with Crescent moon that launched on Saturday.    Crescent is when we receive information.   We are learning details this cycle along with the pros and cons of our schedule.   On the 10th we move into first quarter moon where we once again go back to the seeds we planted on new moon and dig in with a little more work.  The accent will be on resources that are shared with others.    Next weekend Saturn will turn direct and if you still insist on not walking your talk, well, beware, you will be busted.   Poor Venus gets her butt kicked next weekend as well.  If you aren’t feeling the love or financial flush, you aren’t alone.

Here’s the Dates we’re especially watching for crank. 
August 11-12 Sag moon
August 13 Saturn Direct
August 13 Venus Square Saturn
August 14 Venus oppose Neptune

This week……

Focus on: What are you learning about details?   How do they help your creativity?  What are you learning about your schedule and how is it helping you be brave?  What information are you learning about your heart?  What are you learning about love?

Special Focus:
8/6: Venus square Mars.   Heart versus action.   Male versus female.  Actions versus receiving.   Values feel stomped on.  Actions feel lonely.
8/7: Mercury oppose Neptune.  Conversation is confusing.   Lies abound.   Fuzzy thinking.  

First Quarter Moon
August 10, 2016
2:20pm EDT

Focus on:  What is going on with your resources?  What is going on with your shared assets?  What actions can you take that empower your creativity?  What actions can you take that release the dead and bring about transformation?  How will that transformation support your creativity or your love?

Special focus
8/10: Mercury trine Pluto.  Transformative thinking.  Letting go of thoughts that no longer serve.   Thinking about new daily activities.
8/13: Saturn Direct (see separate post) 5:49am EDT
8/13: Venus square Saturn. Love feels cold.   Love feels heavy in responsibility.   Responsibilities feel more like work than out of love. But they are both.  

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