Sunday, December 24, 2023

Cancer Full Moon: December 26 - 4:35pm PST


Cancer Full Moon 

December 26, 2023

4 :35pm PST 

The Cancer full moon bounces in on December 26 for its three-day cycle.    Cancer’s domain is memories, family, cozy, emotions, tenderness, and the kitchen which is by all definition the driving forces of the holiday season.  

In the chart of the full moon, the Sun trines Jupiter, and the moon sextiles Jupiter.    Jupiter is the largest planet in the zodiac so there will be an opportunity to be BIG, perhaps gifts and food and merrymaking could be on the verge of ‘over-the-top’.   Luckily there is built in brakes given the Sun in Capricorn is too sensible to go crazy with spending and indulgence.  The moon in Cancer which is always looking for nurturing and the sextile to Jupiter may offer up comfort by experiences with others who have different ways.   Things that might appear to be ‘foreign’ bring warmth and the heart feels kinship.   


Double downing on the power of sensibility is also the Sun sextile Saturn and the Moon trine Saturn.   When someone says, ‘What do you want to do?”  the answer that brings the most comfort will be the one that is the most practical.    "Less is More" is the catch phrase for this full moon and its three-day cycle.      There is also a patina of responsibility for the full moon that is welcomed.    There is some type of comfort and respite by taking care of business and responsibilities even in the holiday season.   


Mercury continues to be retrograde, so the thrills and spills that come with missed communications or fuzzy facts, mistaken thoughts and foot in mouthiness are still part of the landscape.  As always, the answer is to slow down, double check everything important and take your time.   And sure if you can, think before speaking 😊  


A couple hours after the launch of the full moon, Chiron stations direct at 15 degrees of Aries. Chiron, which is a planetoid, rules self-wounding and healing and has been in Aries since 2019.   During Chiron’s transit of Aries, we, as a collective body are learning the power of self-agency, the importance of being independent, being brave and breaking new ground.    Chiron in Aries occurred previously between 1968-1977 and before that 1918-1926.    Both of those cycles we see marked changes in independence.  Women’s Right to Vote (1919) and Stonewall (1969), Roe V Wade (1973) and anti-war movement are part of Chiron in Aries. Being loud, being heard and forging a new way, speaks to Chiron in fiery Aries.  Because it is self-wounding, Chiron may not at first get it right.   The impetus for change may be righteous but getting there can have hurdles.   But the hardships are part of the healing.  We learn from mistakes with Chiron. Chiron has been retrograding since July 23 and now on this full moon it stations direct.   Perhaps our emotions which are highlighted on a Cancer full moon will be extra aware of our journey and struggle.   We may begin to see  some softening of hurdles both on a personal and global level.   There is also a toughening that comes with Chiron in Aries.   Forging our future takes steely nerves and after each retrograde, we may see and feel a new confidence to move forward.    Do not be surprised if you feel the energy shift on the 26th.   Those people with planets between 15-20 degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are extra sensitive to Chiron.  Luckily it is landing on this gentle Cancer Full moon. 


The Cancer moon gets its power by getting quiet, perhaps taking a long hot shower or a steamy bath, eating a nourishing meal and taking a moment to connect with the inner psyche. Our psyche is rich with memories and emotions, and we benefit when we connect with that inner landscape and honor the good memories and where there are challenging memories take time to acknowledge how far we’ve come.  


Happy Full Moon and Happy Holidays.   

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