Sunday, December 31, 2023

Honeycomb Astrology Planners!


I want to do a shout out to Honeycomb Collective and their fantastic astrology calendars and almanacs.   A few years ago I was listening to Chris Brennan and his Astrology Podcast  and he thanked his sponsor Honeycomb Collective.  I had not heard of them but when Chris waxed on beautifully about how much value he gets from their almanacs and how they are drafted on his natal chart, I thought, "ooo that sounds good"    I think this was around 2018 and I immediately purchased a calendar.  It is really easy, you plug in your birthdata and they create the almanac that has all the basic stuff such as new and full moons but also when the transits of the planets impact your natal chart.    

It is so much more thorough than the general astro calendars.   The good news is  YOU don't have to do the work.   No figuring out when the planets will get in your personal mix.   I love it.    When Mars retrograde two years ago and Venus retrograded this year I was well prepared for the zaps to my Moon and other planets.     Much easier to watch thy tongue when I saw planets pounding my Mercury.  

Give yourself the gift of Honeycomb.  

Just to be clear I don't get anything from writing this up.   I was looking at my calendar for 2024 and was so excited I thought I would share the info with you.  Not sure why it took me so long to tell you about it.   But glad I am here now  :)  

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