Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Mercury retrograde December 12, 11:09pm PST


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So, yes we are having a new moon today but later in the evening (PST) Mercury will station retrograde.   So let's slow everything down, folks :) 



11/25 Mercury shadow begins

12/13 12:09 am PST Mercury station retrograde 8 Cap 29

12/22 Mercury re-enters Sagittarius  

1/1/24 8:37pm PST Mercury station direct 22 Sag 11 

1/13/24 Mercury re-enters Capricorn 

1/22/24 Mercury shadow ends


Usually there are three Mercury retrogrades per year but sometimes we can get four, such is the case this year.    As a reminder, Mercury retrogrades encourage us to slow down and research.   Try to hold off on important purchases and signing contracts if you can.  If you must do important just double check every t before you cross it and dot every i.   We don’t get frozen by the retrograde we just slow down.  


Mercury in Capricorn is very practical.   It is a super pragmatic thinker.  It is a focused and restrained.  It can do a mental heavy lift.   Anything that needs hard thinking and hard work, it can figure a way to do it.  Capricorn understands small wins can make an ultimate success.   Mercury in Capricorn looks around and knows exactly what is broken in the system.  In the mundane world, during this retrograde there will be stories on electeds or leaders in some sort of manner who are showing up and doing the work and having successes and others who created big failures and are only at the job to pull chains and climb up the ladder.     Watch the news for who is on the right side and who is on the wrong side of history.   


On another note, it is interesting that Pluto who is now direct in the last degrees of Capricorn and Mercury is going backward in Capricorn.  It is almost as if we all need to focus on the Capricornia energy that is our government and big business and leadership before we do our next round of Pluto in Aquarius in January.   Our landscape will reveal a lot in this retrograde period from shadow to shadow.  


On a personal level, Mercury is how we think and how we communicate with others and with self.    Capricorn can be negative and can look at the glass as half empty.   You may find yourself hanging out in a cynical head space while Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn.   But when Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on December 22 we can shake off some of the negative thinking and begin contemplating a way out.    We look for a light.  


While there may be an inclination to grit our teeth and just white knuckle through any hurdles that come up during the retrograde, don’t truncate the real impact that Capricorn can offer.   Consider percolating in the negative thinking where you may feel less than or the recipient of the short end of the stick.  Don’t suppress all those icky feelings.  Let them come up and use them to inform you as to what is broken in your system.  Then during Mercury’s return to Sag consider how others do things, perhaps people who are foreign or just have a foreign attitude to how you do things.  One that you normally don’t experience.   Is there something there for you?    Then when Mercury stations direct on January 1 you can begin efforts in a meaningful way to fix issues on the ground level and by the time, we get to Mercury returning to Capricorn on January 13 there could be some small wins.  Sometimes feeling the hardship and struggle make the success that much sweeter.  


Watch the houses that contain the transit of 22 Sagittarius to 9 degrees Capricorn for important insights and themes. 

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