Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Mercury Stations Direct: January 1, 7:07pm PST 22 Sag 11


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11/25 Mercury shadow begins

12/13 12:09 am PST Mercury station retrograde 8 Cap 29

12/22 Mercury re-enters Sagittarius  

1/1/24 7:07pm PST Mercury station direct 22 Sag 11 

1/13/24 Mercury re-enters Capricorn 

1/22/24 Mercury shadow ends


Since 12/13 (same day of Sag New Moon) Mercury has been retrograde and then on January 1st (USA timeMercury stations direct.   What a nice way to launch 2024.     Once Mercury stations direct at 22 Sag, the only planet retrograde is Uranus until January 27.  Then between January 27 and April 1 –all the planets will be in direct motion.   Yay.  


At the end Mercury retrogrades (of which there are at least three per year) we are well served to look back on the three-week period and reflect on what may have transpired and what we learned.     That’s a good rule for all Mercury retrogrades but certainly even more significant when it involves Sagittarius.    Sagittarius is always trying to expand its world and learn something.   With Sag we also process any of our misguided righteousness or ‘know-it-all-ness that got in our way.    Additionally with Sag we look at how we found faith.    We should also consider if problems were solved when we got out of way, brought in a ‘foreign’ way of doing something and it was the correct move with the better results.  


Because this Mercury retrograde also included the first 8 degrees of Capricorn, we benefit by assessing how and when the pragmatic answer was the best choice.  Did we also have thoughts about how we are in the world?  Where did we put ourselves out there in a bigger way and did it work or not work?   What changes can we make to improve our way in the world?     Also how did bureaucracy work or not work for us?    


After January 1st Mercury will unwind and we may bump into themes that came up since it went into the shadow on November 25.   On January 13, Mercury will re-enter Capricorn and then finally on January 22, the shadow period will end.    

Our next Mercury retrograde is not until April 1.   Until then, use this time wisely, oh, how Capricorn of us.  😊

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