Saturday, December 16, 2023

Jupiter Station Direct: Dec 30, 2023 6:40pm PST


Jupiter in what appears to be really high end shower.   


June 11:    Shadow begins (5 Taurus 35) 

Sep 4:        Jupiter station retrograde Taurus 34 (15 Taurus 35)

Dec 30 :    Jupiter station direct (5 Taurus 35) at 6:40pm PST 

Mar 23 :    Shadow ends (15 Taurus 35) 



For the last three months (since Sept 4) Jupiter brought its bigness between 5 and 16 degrees of Taurus.   Anyone with planets at those degrees especially the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) have felt, no doubt, a huge gravitational pull.    


Jupiter loves to be big.   Taurus loves earth, property, real estate, money, banks, projects, building stuff, beauty, and love.   Taurus does not like making waves.   But when something gets in its way and stops Taurus from its values, get out of the way.  The bull will stampede and gore.  Where have you been stampeding?   Where have you found the gravity spinning you?    What’s going on with your money?   How have you been drilling deep on your values?  


During Jupiter retrograde we may have figured out what works and what needs patience.  This could be the perfect antidote and follow up to anything Uranus changed or broke since it entered Taurus in 2018.    What are you rebuilding?  Did you get clarity during the retrograde?   A lot with Jupiter is about philosophy.  Have you experienced a change in your opinions?  Are your big opinions working for you and your goals of building something from the ground up?  What change of opinion has become more aligned with your values since September.   As Jupiter unwinds, have a lot more to explore before Jupiter enters Gemini next May.  


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