Sunday, February 8, 2009

Crystal Cave

Look at that photo. It looks like something from a SciFi film.
ETA: Those are people in those orange jumpsuits....that should give you an idea that those are are super huge crystals.
I am sharing it with you for no other reason than I think it is remarkable. Here's the whole article from National Geographic.

Nothing compares with the giants found in Cueva de los Cristales, or Cave of Crystals. The limestone cavern and its glittering beams were discovered in 2000 by a pair of brothers drilling nearly a thousand feet below ground in the Naica mine, one of Mexico's most productive, yielding tons of lead and silver each year. The brothers were astonished by their find, but it was not without precedent. The geologic processes that create lead and silver also provide raw materials for crystals, and at Naica, miners had hammered into chambers of impressive, though much smaller, crystals before. But as news spread of the massive crystals' discovery, the question confronting scientists became: How did they grow so big?

ETA: I just found out National Geographic channel is airing a program all about the crystal cave on Sunday March 8th! Set your TIVO

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