Friday, February 6, 2009

"Oh, Mr Full Moon---Chiron is calling!"

Full Moon Report

As many of you know, the New Moon which you can find here, I asked all of you to dig in hard and resist temptation to be negative. I still stand by that analysis of the 28 day Aquarius Lunar cycle. But at the same time I must admit that this Full Moon On Monday Feb 9th, might push you a bit towards melancholy and negativity. You see not only is it a Full Moon it is also a lunar eclipse. And it has got a couple of aspects that are a wee bit challenging.

With a lunar eclipse the sun shines on earth in such a way that there is shadow over the moon. That is a pretty powerful ego for the sun, right? Well, now add to the equation that the moon is in Leo which has its own huge ego. So, now we have ego on ego. Yikes! Expect Egos to flare up next week in the news and perhaps personally!

In conjunction (literally and figuratively) with the all this is Neptune adding some visionary, unworldly, mystical, cosmic and delusional, drunk thinking and then Chiron the great wounded healer is in the mix conjuncting the Sun and opposing the Moon.

If you don’t know about Chiron he has a great story. He was a centaur (half man half horse) born from a god (father) who turned himself into a horse so that he could be with a beautiful mortal woman (Mother). Isn't that just like those darn greek/roman gods? Always turning themselves into something to boost their lives. Kind of like Wall street Bigwigs. Anway, when the beautiful mom birthed her half human half horse child she ran for the hills (small minded bitch) abandoning poor Chiron. Fate stepped in and Chiron ended up being raised by another god where he learned all kind of great crafts and learned subjects and ultimately becoming the most eduated Centaur and later he became a teacher to all and was beloved by everyone. Unfortunately one day at a wedding full of debauchery another centaur got drunk and accidentally wounded Chiron. He retreated to take care of his wound, but later he was asked to give up his life to help others of which he agreed. Eventually, he was made into a god.

As you can see, where we have Chiron in our chart can be an area where we both excel and hurt ourselves. Trust me, as one who has it in the 11th house, it can be hard on friendships! Sigh. Anyway, with this full moon we will find Chiron on the Sun right next to Neptune.

We have a lot of ego, lot of tension, shadows on others, digging in and then Chiron adding his two cents, well, I expect someone will screw something up royally. But this big fat screw up will ultimately serve others in the long run. In our personal lives we might want to be extra cautious during the Full moon phase (3.5 days). No sense shooting ourselves in the foot! Perhaps we can meditate on things we would like to see in our world and see what it might bring.
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