Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Pisces New Moon!

Welcome to Pisces New Moon, which commences on Tuesday February 24th 5:34pm (PST). Naturally, like all my New Moon reports you can find it HERE. It is an interesting New Moon to me in that there are not a bunch of strong aspects to the Moon and the Sun. This is a bit of a relief to me since the last few lunar cycles have been launched by some king of aspect to either an outter planet or inner planet. We don't have a lot of moons where the Sun & Moon just sit there all by themselves radiating the essence of the sign without some outside influence. I think it is also extraordinary that this moon is coming before our big fat Treasure Map moon. To me, I think we can look at the next 28 days as like a big bath. We will be emotional and our feelings will be pronounced but this is a good thing. Let those feelings wash through us and out of us. After the long lunar bath we'll be ready for Aries! Here is a snippet from my article
Freedom is as Freedom does

For the last dozen or so years while
Pluto trekked through Sag it threw daggers at Pisces. If you question the
power of Pluto’s arsenal ask any Pisces how they made it through the last few
years and they’ll give you a shell shocked answer. But now Pluto is aiming
its salvos at others signs freeing Pisces from his shackles. What does
this mean for this lunar cycle? It means that we will have a bit more
freedom to access the magic, the dreaminess and the beauty of Pisces. We
had some opportunity in previous Pisces cycles but the way we got there was
always a hard path. Now we get the perks of Pisces in an effortless
way. We can bump around in the day and night maybe running into
someone or hearing about something that just ‘feels’ like it might be
important. Not in a scary, ‘uh-oh” way but in a subtle, “hmmm” way.
It has been a long time since we had this kind of Pisces energy. In
all fairness last year’s Pisces New Moon also had Pluto in Capricorn but at that
time Pluto was getting ready to go retrograde so it was not as free of an energy
as now.

I believe we are finally getting this nice liberated
Pisces cycle for a reason. We have a New Moon in Aries next month and that
will be our Treasure Map moon (for more on that go here) where we plot and plan
the things we would like to have in the next year. But before we get
to that moon we are getting this gentle, soft, emotional yes, but still a much
more liberated Piscean Moon. It is almost as if the Universe wanted us to
let down our guard and let the mystical side of ourselves run free and
unencumbered before we sit down and map out our goals next month.

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