Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ray Merriman Article REPOSTED

I just was poking around on the Mountain Astrologer Website and I see that they have reposted an article by Ray Merriman from their summer of 2007 issue. It is an article projecting what is going on with world economies between 2008-2011. Naturally, those of you who already knew we were heading into a big tsunami of hurt with Pluto's move into Capricorn are not surprised by the state of our financial affairs. But, of course Ray who is one of the brightest astrologers around lays it out in even more detail. And of course the fact that he wrote this article in early 07 and was on the money is no surprise to me! In honor of this week's saturn/uranus opposition (and we'll have more of it in 09 and 10) take a read of this article.
carry on.

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