Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Preparing for our TREASURE MAPS

I am not sure how many of the people who visit this blog are aware of Treasure Maps but as we build towards Aries New Moon I want to start preparing everyone for it. Of course, a little history on Treasure Maps would be helpful.

I made my first Treasure Map in 1996 after my astrologer and teacher, Buz Meyers asked all of us in his group to make them. I was intrigued when he presented it and was very curious to see if he was right when he indicated that if we build the map on Aries New Moon we will see results by Cancer New Moon (3 months later). I thought, “Great” and I built the map with my two good friends. On my map I put an image of a guy sailing on a yacht. I did not know why I picked that image except that there was something about the guy I liked. Well, within a month I met a man who would later be my husband and lo and behold, he was and is a sailor! There is much more to the whole Treasure Map experience and I invite you to read it here.

So, every year since 1996 I have been making Treasure Maps. And since 2002 I have been hosting online groups to build their maps and believe me Treasure Maps work, there are many people who can attest for their value! Then, in 2007 I noticed a lot of people were talking about making Vision Boards which I believe they learned about from “The Secret”. I am all for funneling energies into boards and Treasure Maps but the difference between a vision board and a Treasure Map is that Treasure Maps are made on Aries New Moon. To me it is a profound difference. Imagine trying to surf on a wave as it is about one minute from crashing on shore, versus surfing a wave a mile off shore. You can ride the whole wave when is off shore. It has way more punch, right? That’s the difference. The astrological year begins with the New Moon in Aries. Those 3 days are the beginning of the flow for the next twelve months. By building your Treasure Map at that time you are harnessing all the energy that propels the whole year. I’m sure vision boards can be very successful but if you want to move it along faster and clearer—make your map on Aries New Moon.

Anyway, this year’s Aries New Moon is March 26 12:06 pm EST. 6 degrees Aries 08.

You do not begin your Treasure Map until that time. And I will be posting for that day closer to the event. But what are you suppose to do until that time to prepare for the Treasure Map?

Well, we are in the balsamic phase of the sun and like all good balsamics now is the time to release. Get rid of stuff. Get rid of clutter. Take the broken things out of your house and give them away or take them to the trash. Are there clothes that you no longer wear? Get rid of them. Especially get rid of the things that have too big of an emotional charge on them. And the furniture that needs repair? Get it to the repair shop or ditch it. What about that thing you have been promising to give to your friend? Just finally do it!

And it is not just things that you should get rid of now…how about beliefs? What judgments are you holding onto that probably no longer serve you? Are you racing all over the city to take care of everyone but you? Why? And are you secretly resentful of friends, bosses, co-workers, family? Well, I suggest you dump that between now and Aries new moon. You have got a whole Pisces moon to figure out why you are locked into beliefs and opinions about yourself that are just misguided and full of illusion. And once you figure it out --- DITCH IT!

Remember, Einstein who was a rather smart dude said, “No two things can occupy the same space.” So, are you hanging on to stuff that is wasting space? Now would be the time to get rid of it, after all you want to be able to have all the energy in the world to help you on Aries New Moon. Don’t have your life clogged up with stuff that should not be there.


  1. This is a great find. Thank you.

  2. my pleasure.
    And I will have a new post the closer we get to Aries New moon. In the meantime..clear your life!

  3. what if we ar at work at noon, can we start after 4pm? and how much time we have to prepare the map?

  4. I love this! I had been doing a vision board on New Year's day. Amazing that it really did come to fruition in many ways. However, I much prefer to connect with the stars on this and align myself with astral energy.

    I hope to be learning more from you, as you are the first blog that I found on astrology that seems reasonable and real.


  5. Im so excited for this year, last years map was pretty right on, and this one will be even better! thanks for all you do
    Heather aka um_hanna

  6. What if as in my case it is now April 5th and I have not started am I too late?