Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have mentioned before that I think Bill Meridian's article about The Federal Reserve is a must read for anyone interested in money and astrology.

Particularly you might find this passage noteable. It sounds familiar doesn't it? Yeah, blame Pluto once again. It is driving back and forth over the Fed's chart for most of 2009.

More recently, we can look at the passage of Pluto as having described changes in the Federal Reserve System. From the fall of 1971 until the fall of 1972 Pluto passed back and forth over zero Libra. The president was given the power to nationalize the bank industry via the Fed in what has become known as the Economic Emergency Act. In June of 1980, stationary direct Pluto made its last square to the Fed's Mars. The Monetary Control Act was passed. This act essentially gives the Fed the power to reduce bank reserve requirements to zero, granting the power to inflate to infinity. Almost as important was the provision of the law that enables the Fed to purchase any debt. This means that the Fed is no longer limited to purchasing U.S. government debt but can purchase obligations of corporations or of bankrupt nations. Efforts to find out whether this power is being used to bail out bankrupt countries have been blocked. The Fed simply refuses to reveal whether they are purchasing foreign debt, information that their publications formerly disclosed. Again we see the South Node in the third house and the Mercury-Saturn opposition at work. (It is amusing and yet tragic to note that when I contacted the Fed to receive samples of the publications distributed to the public, I received a comic book. The comic book blamed inflation on Arabs, greedy businessmen, and housewives.)

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