Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Tidal Pull of the 12th House

Last night I experienced the power of the 12th house in a most unusual manner. I watched the final episode of The Bachelor. For those of you who do not live in North America--you can learn more about this show HERE. For the rest of us, my apologies for even bringing it up here on an Astrology blog but actually there is a salient astro lesson to be found--and it lies in the 12th house.

In astrology there are 12 houses in the birth chart. Each house represents an area of life and it coincides with the 12 signs and 10 planets. For example, let's say you are a Taurus. You know a lot about resources, money and love. But let's say you are not a Taurus but you have a ton of planets in the 2nd house. Then you are getting some of the same lessons as Taurus. Or if you are NOT a Taurus and you don't have any planets in the 2nd house but you have got a pronounced Venus with a bunch of aspects from other planets. Then you are getting the Taurus energy. There are at least three ways for you to that lesson or energy.

Okay--now let's look at the 12th house. The 12th house is the last house of the chart. This is the house of our unconsciousness, the house of loose ends. This is the house of victimness but also self undoing (an important note). In astrology it is tied to the sign Pisces. And it is tied to the planets Jupiter and Neptune. As you know from my new moon article HERE we are currently in the Pisces cycle. So, Piscean issues are up. Also feeling like a victim. Which I think if anyone who still has stocks in the stock market is probably really feeling like there is a rip tide and they can't get out of it. Especially yesterday which had a huge crash. Anyway, back to my point. As of right now we are really feeling and seeing the Piscean energy.
Now in my own personal chart whenever there are planets in late Aquarius and all of Pisces they are falling into my natal 12th house. And when those planets make that move let me tell you I feel it. My unconscious acts like a tide, pulling and tugging on me such that I have no control of it. Well, perhaps I am speaking in hyperbole. But, it is really hard to get out of the way of the pull! Case in Point.. Last night's Bachelor.
I have not seen one minute of this TV show. Not in the ten years or so that it has been on TV. None of it. And last night, I had a little TV on in the background while I washed dishes. I was not paying attention but I kept it on while I went to my computer to answer emails and begin various writings. (Including some pieces for this blog). I don't know when it happened but somewhere in that time I realized that This show, The Bachelor was on my TV. I kind of glanced at it but continued my work, but I was slowly seeing my attention go more and more to the flickering images on the screen. Then I got up and moved to living room couch, "Just for a minute" to focus on it. Well, that "minute" turned into two hours later. I completely got sucked into it. Again, like a tidal pull. I could NOT believe it. And when my husband returned home after being gone for a few days I actually made him watch it with me! I was hooked.
I knew in my gut there was NO reason for this stupid show and I really mean stoooopid show to hook me. What could be the answer? Well, I peeked at my chart and saw that one planet has made a move into my 12th house in the last couple of days and last night one other made the move. I had NO control of myself!
It also probably didn't hurt that this particular episode of The Bachelor had a decidedly Piscean energy totally focused on love found, love lost and love renewed or at least in questionable renewal and a whole helluva a lot of Self Undoing... if you didn't see the show let me tell you the guy as my husband likes to say, "stepped on his own johnson." Oh, and he sure cried a lot. Another Piscean energy.
Anyway, my point..rambling yes, but still a point. Do yourself a favor and look at when planets move into your 12th house. Watch and see if you feel yourself pulled into tides or currents. It is hard to get out of the tide but if you can at least note it, you might be able to navigate any self undoing wounds.
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  1. Really interesting to read this just a couple hours after the Moon entered my 12th house!