Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moon In Taurus--Make it work for your Treasure Map

Yesterday, the moon entered Taurus (6:09am EDT March 28). Phew! I felt the energy shift in my house. Yes, we are all lippy and cheeky with one another but then what do you expect during the Aries cycle? But there has been a shift of energy---a "Let's get shit done." Or, if you will, "I'm done talking about it so let's get it done!"
If you have not finished your Treasure Map and have been fuzzy and unsure take the energy of Taurus to commit! GLUE it down! The shift of the moon should help you.
Listen, if I can get my 7 year old son to glue stuff down and make his map...then you can do it!
And by the way, when you are done, treat your self to some kind of spa like thingy...maybe a pedicure?
That's all good Taurus!

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