Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Virgo Full Moon is upon us. Now I am the first to tell you my Sag Sun does not always rub well with Virgo. So, I am not without biases. But even with that caveat, Sun Moon opposition (all Full Moons) between Virgo and Pisces has an extra little punch that can not be second guessed---and who do you blame? Yep.... Uranus.
Virgo is all about order, dotting i's.. crossing t's. It likes things that it can see, feel, hear, taste..you get the drill.. it likes to experience it so it knows it is real. Pisces on the other hand likes it both ways... likes to see things, knows things are real but then it likes to evaporate them just like a magician... "The rabbit is there.. and now it's not." Pisces brings the unreal quality to even the most harden concrete Virgoan practicality. In short... "man makes plans and Pisces makes unplans." And with this full moon we have got Kookie, Uranus throwing in some chaos for no other reason that he can.
So, you think you have everything planned. It all makes sense. And then at the last minute someone with a drug problem or someone with an illusion problem comes and messes with those plans.. and yes, you CAN be both of those people. And then from out of nowhere someone else walks into the situation and makes it even crazier.
I would say that with Uranus on the Sun opposite the moon, the moon is busy emoting. And the Sun is trying to help the moon.. "what do you need? Tell me, I'll help". And just then someone walks up and says, "Sorry no helping right now you gotta do this..." And you are now on this weird wonky turn of events going to all kinds of places and guess what? At the end of it... you might not even need that thing you thought you needed. It is all not necessary. Isn't that perfectly Uranus. Hang in there, the energy is weird but try as you can to find the humor.

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