Monday, March 9, 2009 goodness.....are we ready for it?

I just have to post something about my previous post. When I indicated that our emotions will bu up and down and all over the place I really meant it. But at the same time even I didn't know how accurate I was speaking. The last few days I have heard people just feeling or acting completely unhinged. I saw some weird behavior at my son's school not just by kids who are always canaries in the coal mine for big astro bumpies. But also staffers and adults. People letting people know what they think about all kinds of shit. Even when those people may not have wanted to hear it and then there is a retalliation and more stuff comes back. My husband said he saw people at his work really lose it. And then I thought about that guy losing it at a church yesterday (church---perfectly pisces). And we're not even at the FULL MOON!! Remember, everyone... breathe! Take breaths where ever you can. And perhaps by the end of the Full Moon we'll be more settled. oh, wait a minute that is when Mars moves into Pisces..oh, lord, never mind...

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