Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crescent Moon

How are you feeling? Things are probably a wee bit lighter now that the moon is in Gemini (3/30 9:36am EDT) but of course they can be a bit more mental. The antenna is probably up for a little bit of gossip. I know my phone hit a slippery part of the universe and was ringing off the hook as people reached out to me to talk about nothing important. Typical Gemini energy. They just want to make the connect.

Gemini is about connection. How are your siblings? They'll probably reach out and talk to you.

Because this is the Crescent Phase you should be getting feedback on some of the seeds you planted on new moon. Crescent is about information coming to you.
For example, on New Moon this weekend I reached out to a few businesses for donations for a charity silent auction. One of the businesses , a luxury hotel, I wanted to reach out to, I needed to wait until this week so I wrote down their name on my list and thought a little bit about how I would approach them. Yesterday, I ran into someone who is also hitting up businesses and she informed me she was going after this one company and she said, "You know they own ..." and she mentioned the luxury hotel. I had no idea. Since she had already approached the main corporate person there was no need for me to go after the luxury hotel. Case closed.
Perfectly Crescent.
Look at see what is told or shared with you for the next day or so... it will have some significance to the seeds you planted on New Moon.

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