Friday, March 6, 2009

Interesting note on next week's full moon.

David Crook over at Stellar Insights has put up a thought about next week's full moon on March 10. He notes how the nodes line up with DC and of course the echo off last September's full moon (Remember that one? two words Fannie Freddy)

The March 10 Full Moon is almost a mirror image of the 9/15/08 Full Moon that timed the full-blown financial crisis. That Pisces Full Moon conjoined the big Saturn-Uranus opposition, and squared Pluto. This Full Moon in Virgo, also aligns with the signature Saturn-180-Uranus, and features the Moon's Nodes on the meridian in D.C.- which suggests a an eclipse-like effect. Moreover, on closer inspection, we see the Moon-Sun axis directly on the most important mundane midpoint- the AS/MC (Ascendant/Midheaven), which signifies 'at this time and place'. Therefore, the Full Moon is a flash-point for major events in the US. And if our speculative chart for the financial crisis is indeed radical, this Full Moon may trigger/mirror a literal reaction in the economy.

Anyway, go check him out for more data and the chart. I hope to be able to put up my own full moon but like I said I'm so swamped these days I might not get to it....

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