Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mountain Astrologer On the Newstand!

I am back from the darkside of the moon. In otherwords, I have completed a massive community outreach event that almost killed me. Not literally but figuratively enough to make it almost literal. It takes a ton of energy to get people to show up for free and do manual labor for 2 days. Yikes. Done.

Anyway, when I lose my center like I do when I am on a big project the quickest way for me to find myself is to go turn to astrology. Luckily, in the last week I received my new issue (April/May) of Mountain Astrologer. I dug in.

The cover story on Barack Obama's chart is a very good read. A lot of decent discussion about Neptune in the 10th, which we all have heard over and over again during primaries... ("I don't trust him.." blah, blah. Whatever.

But what I found interesting is the angle that the author, Frank Clifford took that the president's natal chart lines up with the climate of the country. And in this case Neptune in the 10th reflects America's disillusionment.

"...we can recognize a disheartened country that has lost faith in its leadership (Sun in Leo square Neptune."

And he goes on to talk about the country's resources and how they tie to Obama's Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th------ overseas trouble, anyone? (I wrote back in November that I put my money on Pakistan troubles cough, cough.)....

Anyway, I highly, highly recommend you run out and get it. It is one of the better analysis of his chart I have read.

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