Friday, March 6, 2009

How are you surfing?

This is a little check in post. We are in the First Quarter of the Pisces lunar Cycle and as we discussed on new moon--this cycle is all about our emotions. Pisces rules the seas and we will feel the highs and the lows. The key is to let it come up and through you. Don't hang on to it. Do you think you could stop that wave above? No. The only way to survive it is to either dive deep under it or ride it. But if you just sit there and do nothing it will crash on you. And trust me, big waves crashing hurt. So, how are you riding your waves? I am bringing this up now because I find the gibbous moon can be a little bit cranky in the Pisces cycle. It will be Gibbous all weekend and --- Then of course it will be full moon which has its own drama.
So, stay on alert. I think emotions might be UP big time for the next few days and just work as best as you can through it all. Don't hang onto them...meaning if you wake up in a down mood do not assume at 10am that you will be depressed at 11pm. You could be down at 10, depressed at noon, tired at 2, rested at 4, curious at 6, uplifted at 8 and happy by 10pm. But the important part is to feel all of them!

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