Friday, March 27, 2009

MERCURY/PLUTO SQUARE-- Stormy thoughts

As I indicated in my aries new moon article HERE, this 28 day cycle is colored by a square from Mercury to Pluto. Of course every year there are two periods where Mercury will square Pluto. When it happens we can feel the influence for maybe a week. A few days either side of the exact date. However, when the square happens on the New Moon the influence of that aspect is felt for the whole 28 day cycle ---with the big punch of it on the actual event date.
Early this morning 3/27 8:16 am (EDT) Mercury and Pluto got into it officially but for those of us who make Treasure Maps there is more to the tussle then what we feel today.
For many of us who began our Treasure Maps yesterday, we have had some lame, dark, gross thoughts come up. "Why the 'eff was my dad such a shit dad?" "What the 'eff is the problem with my lazy brother?" "Why do I have to do all the work?" "How come no one ever picks up the tab for me? That kind of thing. Now, as I indicated in my report it is vital that if any of those shitty thoughts come up .. YOU MUST address them on your map. Normally, I would say blow them off and just focus on the goodness that is your map. But not this year. Pluto is pointing the way and we need to heed it. I don't know if you have ever been fat, but I have and when I was I had 3 friends come up to me and say, "What the hell are you doing with your weight! Can you please get thin again!!" I laughed every time because they were right. I didn't get indignant. I didn't get hurt. I just took the energy I felt and said, "Yep you are right." Eventually I did lose the fat.
That is like this Pluto/Mercury square dance. If anyone says something to you or you dig in about anything.. put it on your map. And one way you can do it is by writing a note to yourself.
I recommended to someone who had an issue come up where she thought about her father and how lame he was and I said, "Write a note from your 'dad' to you. Have him apologize to you and have him tell you how thrilled he is that you healed so much from him in March of 2009. And then sign it from your dad and date it about 20 years ahead from now. sign it his name, and the year 2029. Put it in an envelope and seal it and put it on your map. No one needs to know who it is from but you!
Even if you don't make a map this year---if you have some gross stuff come up which obsesses your brain or just rattles you.. write a note to yourself and purge and clear. That's making Pluto work for you!


  1. Just wanted to say thanks again. I had a bunch of girls over tonight and we sat around and cut mags up and they asked a million questions you know how it goes. I showed them your blog it was great! Love Helen

  2. Helen,
    That is awesome! I am so glad you got your gals together and made map--you are a pure, Aries, aren't you! lol. I hope your wishes and pictures were big. Great Dreams for you. love you madly, Tracy