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Tomorrow is the much anticipated Aries New Moon for 2009. For those of you who follow Treasure Maps, I encourage you to read about this year's New Moon. Why? Because as you build your map this year you might feel more unsettled than usual. You could feel pressured in a way that you have not felt before. You could also have your feelings hurt. You could feel rushed. You could want to get into a scrap with someone. What are all these feelings? Normally they don't happen on our glorious Aries New Moon....what is going on?


As you know I turn in a full New Report each month over at Margaret Wendt's website. You can find the whole article HERE. I strongly encourage you to read the whole thing! But here is a snippet:


On Aries New Moon we will have a most beautiful conjunction of Mercury in Aries and Venus in Aries to the Sun and the Moon. Mercury rules our minds and thoughts. It is the way we communicate. It is our siblings, it is our neighbors it is our newspapers (Hey do those still exists?) it is the letters we write. It is emails. Of course, Venus is love and it is beauty. It is one of the “money” planets since Venus is the planet of values. Aries of course is the sign of breaking new ground (remember the plants bursting through the ground) Our thoughts will be grand perhaps rash. Our love will be quick and to the point. Our desires and emotions will be both hot and bothered. Clearly having those four planets together can bring great enthusiasm and could be fun. Accent on ‘could’ since at the same time, Aries is a fiery sign and when you get those four together someone will be inclined to play with matches! Who is shooting off their mouth? Who is sloppy with money? Who forgot to check their ego at the door? And who has gone overboard with their emotions?

Expect a lot of noise out of Wall Street on Aries New Moon. Some of it harsh given Venus and Mercury will also be making an aspect with Pluto! There could be a rash act. There might be something burned. On a personal level, expect some snippiness from friends or family, maybe a sharp word or two. Not necessarily out of mean-spiritedness but just more because people don’t feel they have time for a lot of bullshit. And they call it the way they see it. Which leads me to a bigger discussion.

This Treasure Map-Aries New Moon is one of the most potent maps I have seen. Perhaps ever. And if you can bear with me for a minute I would like to give a bit more astro talk than usual.


Despite astronomers demoting Pluto to a dwarf planet, astrologers know it is Pluto that has caused all the financial wreckage since fall. You may remember back in August when I wrote (Virgo New Moon) that as soon as Pluto turned direct on September 8th and began its trek for Capricorn that he would not take any hostages. Pluto destroys that which is weak or corrupt so that it can be turned around and rebuilt. Since Pluto has not been in Cap since the 1700’s, it clearly had a lot of work to do! As it turned out Fannie and Freddie imploded on September 8th ---and the rest is history— dwarf planet indeed!

Now, in November Pluto finally moved into Capricorn where it is remaining until 2023. This means that every Treasure Map-(Aries New moon) runs a risk of being at odds with Pluto. Again, more astro talk--- Aries and Capricorn do not get along. They both want to be in charge, they both think they are sharper than each other. Aries thinks Capricorn is a stick in the mud and Capricorn thinks Aries is too hot headed and rash. When these two planets are in close degree to one another they make an aspect called a SQUARE. Simply said, Squares are a pain in the ass---they hurt. But more importantly, squares offer us a ‘crisis of opportunity’.

I have taken the time to look ahead at all the Treasure Map New Moons between now and 2023 and I have compared Pluto to the Sun/Moon each year. What I found is that there are six Treasure Map-(Aries New moons) that will be squared with Pluto. In 2009 Pluto will Square Sun/Moon with a 3 degree separation. In 2021 at 4 degrees, 2011, 2014 & 2018 at 5 degrees and 2016 at 1 degree. For the rest of the years Pluto and the Sun/Moon are too far apart to be in aspect. So, that means that out of 14 years there are 6 Treasure Maps that will have a Sun/Moon square Pluto and out of those 6 years, this new moon is one of the tightest square. Only 2016 will have a tighter orb.

So, what does that mean? It means that the Pluto square Aries New Moon-Treasure Maps will have a strong punch to them. Pluto’s conflict with Sun and Moon in Aries (along with Venus and Mercury this year) is pushing us to break free. Break new ground. Aries demands straight forward talk, straight forward thinking. Capricorn wants to be the executive in office with prestige, honor and recognition. Both of them want to be respected and both are survivors. Aries knows its survival comes from breaking into new territory and being a leader. Capricorn finds survival through its infrastructure, its bones, its can create security through conserving. We should expect this Treasure Map to bring out our own needs--- we will want to reach and stretch but at the same time we will also want security. That’s the rub. However, it is vital to remember that Pluto aspects always say one thing: “Change or be Changed.”

There is much more to the article...follow the link above for the rest of this dramatic cycle we are launching.

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