Friday, March 6, 2009

Venus Retrograde---The Bitch sure knows how to get our attention!

Back on the Pisces New Moon I wrote HERE that we had some energy from Venus coming our way:

In addition to our antenna being up high and our hearts needing to vibe our
way through this cycle we have one other little trick in the month. Venus
is turning retrograde on March 6. This is not extraordinary since it
retrogrades about every year and half but it is interesting that it is taking
place in the sign Aries. Aries is the sign that knows what it wants, knows
where it needs to go, and doesn’t shirk from any hard work or challenges to get
what it wants. Simply said, Venus is the planet of love and
desire. And here Venus is going backwards in the sign of Self
interests. Is it possible that we might think we know what we want
but we need to go backwards a bit and re look at our past for a moment or
two? Venus will go direct in mid April so it is not like we have to
have our head in the sand forever. But perhaps we are being asked to slow it all
down for a moment to see what we really want. Or more specifically, Venus
is the planet of Values. Perhaps what we really need to value will not get
our attention until this retrograde is complete. It is also highly worth
noting that Venus is the planet of money and resources. I believe
retrograde Venus could do havoc on the USA stock market and or Department of
Treasury. God knows the Federal Reserve may shows cracks.
however it plays out, Venus is asking us to please slow down a minute and find
out what we love.

And so it is that on this day when Venus turned her ass around and began to
go backwards that we end this week with the lowest stock levels in 12 years.. no shit,

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