Sunday, September 11, 2011

The 9/11 Memorial - Aquarius Moon

I was watching the 9/11 We Remember tribute this morning. Of course it was very tender and moving. I watched the non hosted show so I didn't have to hear anchors blathering on. I just wanted to watch the raw feed to get the real feel for the event.

The Aquarius Moon of the day was so evident. Remember, Aquarius is where we connect as a group. It is the sign of 'like minded' groups. Everyone there was connected in pain. But I saw something else that was so Aquarius. The people who read the names were all walks of life. Parents, children, cousins, brothers, sisters and from all over the world. New Jersey to Japan people came from everywhere. And up there on the stage reading the names, there would be a young son, maybe as little as 10 next to an older lady who lost her child and more than once I saw the speakers reach out to offer support. I was moved by the young teen who lost his brother, reach out to help the 40 year old widow speak of her husband. It was an event about humanity.

People coming together ---perfect Moon in Aquarius. It is also fitting that the United States has Moon in Aquarius.

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  1. Tracy so true an event about humanity. When fire and police were running into collapsing building to save a life and not care about their own.