Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Full Moon
September 12, 2011 5:26AM EDT

The last moment of the waxing moon is our arrival at the Full Moon. For two weeks we have been working hard, focused on details and perhaps a wee bit more focused on the micro than the macro. Now on the Pisces Full Moon we look up from our work station and see what is around us. Is it inspiring? Is it artistic? Is it magical? Is it compassionate? Pisces is the last water sign of the zodiac and ruled by Neptune which is the higher octave of Venus. Both planets connect to love. Venus rules the things we love that are right near us, our lovers, our children, our art and our values. But with Neptune (and Pisces) the love is stretched and speaks to our love of humanity, our spirituality, our visions and dreams.

Full Moons have a tendency to bring out big emotions and on this there is a trine with Mars in Cancer which has us double down in feelings. Both water signs put the accent on flow and given this is a positive aspect we will all benefit by “Release” and “Let go”. Mars is a pump and he is there to serve the feelings but like a traffic cop he says, “Keep it moving.” We will not hang on to our emotions and build resentments. Perhaps we will hear from others that we have been working so hard or dealing with micro this and micro that we have gotten out of synch with our family (Cancer) and our roots. We may have a few tears but the key is to let them flow which alleviates any resentments and allow us to reach a deeper connection to those people who have cared enough to share their feelings.

We are also benefited by Mercury trine Pluto which will open up our brains. If we have had muddled thinking on a subject then this full moon could enlighten us. Something may come up in these three days which gives new clarity. Our new thinking could be a game changer.

A wonky aspect is Venus in conjunction with the Sun opposing Moon in Virgo again puts the emphasis on our values. The tension may have impact on world currencies and stock markets.

There is a tough aspect on full moon between the Sun and the Moon with the North Node in Sagittarius. Righteous zealotry, bigots, and a Professorial know-It- all might be in the news. Where the rubber hits the roads is when strong philosophies or opinions are challenged by real life details (Virgo). This is the aspect that can bring out the misguided, delusional and surreal part of Pisces. If someone is acting crazy around you---get out of the way and let them be crazy on someone else’s watch. In the meantime you go hang out with someone decent.

Hugs will be well appreciated this full moon.

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