Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mars in Leo

September 18th - November 11

Over at RubySlipper, there was a nice write up on Mar's upcoming move. I know I spoke of it in my new moon but it is always nice to read another astrologer's take.

Mars moves into Leo on September 18th and what a relief that will be. He was not happy being all cramped and moody in Cancer. When he busts out into Leo his energy will increase and stabilize. Everyone will feel this shift.

Leo’s love of life will boost Mars’ confidence, charm, focus and playfulness. Fiery and fixed, Leo gives Mars all the fuel he needs to express himself while anchoring his energy with the assurance that everything will work out. Mars in Leo will strive to be number one while rising above petty power struggles and vindictiveness.

There’s always a shadow side, however. If Mars in Cancer was the child sulking in the corner, Mars in Leo is the brat stomping around the playground when he doesn’t get his way. Assertion (Mars) and ego ( Leo) combine to create an energy that will not be denied. The good thing is you never have to guess when Mars in Leo is displeased.

He’ll be trining Uranus in Aries (the sign he rules) from September 18th to 22nd. These will be key dates to make something happen, especially if you have planets or angles in Leo or Aries from 0-3 degrees. Uranus will push past Leo’s stubbornness to create some wildly innovative energy. You can step outside your comfort zone without falling flat on your face. The trine blends risk (Uranus) and initiative (Mars) in a way that will not create static with others.