Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lutin and his parrot

I do love Michael Lutin.

But is there anyone who can tell me who is singing (Edith Piaf, maybe?) and what is the song?

It did make me laugh.


  1. You are correct!

    Here is a video link to the song.


  2. Thank you! Did it make you laugh?
    For some reason I watched the whole thing as if there would be some 'event' at the end. The more I watched it the more the oddness just made me laugh.

    And of course there was no event.

    I do love ML.

  3. Definitely the great Edith Piaf...who sings about
    "regretting nothing"....Interestingly, this week (9/19) Lutin's parrot sings of "not looking back" and broken hearts....