Monday, September 5, 2011

This Week Ahead

Astrologically, this week is somewhat quiet and I say, "Hurray" after all we have had a long slog of tough aspects all summer so let's enjoy a breather when we get it!

Of course Pluto is slowed down all month as he prepares to reverse direction on September 16. Last week's dismal job report, the volatility in the European banks and the ripple effect in our own stock market feel very much tied to the stationary Pluto in Cap. Let's see how things shake and move after the 16th.

9/5: I don't normally go into all the lunar sign changes and interplanetary aspects but I do want to note the Moon enters Capricorn at 10:04pm (ED) and early in the morning it gets into it with Uranus and Pluto. If you wake up on Tuesday in one of 'those' moods---blame the moon.

9/8: Mercury opposition Neptune: Not all that is said is true and certainly not accurate. Delay signing anything important.

9/9: Mercury enters Virgo

9/9: Mercury semi square Saturn. Delay. Hard to put stuff into words. Mentally feeling insecure. Not hideously so but enough to slow us down.
9/11Venus/Mars: Fun and lively energy. Play and playfulness accented.

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